Flora & Raf's Eco Chic Boracay Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto

Boracay weddings will always be my fave. While all Boracay weddings are unique, there are some elements that are naturally more popular and will end up the same. For instance, turquoise color palettes or fun summer shades are common choices--not that there's anything wrong with that (my own wedding had those colors too). But once in awhile we see Boracay brides who are bold enough to experiment with other ideas that also work so beautifully well. Except for the famous Boracay waters itself, there are no turquoise details in Flora & Raf's wedding. Just the most magical emerald hues, teals, and greens that make for an eco chic look. Of course, this is just but one aspect of the wedding. Overall it was a laidback and organically love-filled union that is as awe-inspiring as the island itself. 

While looking through the photos, I came across the bride's own comment about choosing Metrophoto as their photographer and I'd like to share that here as well:

"Oly and the Metrophoto Team, 

I must admit that, when Raffy and I began planning our wedding, photos were not at the top of our priority list. However, we soon realized that we needed the assistance of very capable people to chronicle what would be one of the highlights of our lives. Fortunately, someone recommended Metrophoto, which proved to be, in our opinion, the best photography team — truly one of the most enlightened decisions we made, aside from getting married. :) The pictures genuinely captured not only the events and mood of the day, but also how it really meant to us. The first time we saw them, and each time we looked at them since, we were faithfully reminded of our wedding, especially the happiness and excitement we felt. To top it all off, everyone at Metrophoto was easy and fun to work with, which made Raffy and I more comfortable with the process.

So, thank you so so much for your talent, effort and company. Your hard work and genius have exceeded all of our expectations, leaving us eternally in awe. And I, especially, will forever be grateful, because everything still feels like a whirl and a blur to this anxious bride to this day; so the photos beautifully fill in the bits and pieces that are still missing. :D" --  


I am quite smitten and giddy about Flora & Raf's Boracay wedding. Everything about it feels so enchanting! Best wishes to the lovely couple :)

CREDITS: Make-up: Verna Marin of L’oreal / Coordination: Amanda Tirol / Invites: Printsonalities / Entourage Flowers: Vatel Manila

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