A Vampire Prenup

While most brides want nature/colorful diy props/glamorous prenups, my rebellious bride Ariza  wanted a vampire themed e-session to immortalize their engagement which they entitled, "Love you for a thousand years" -- Photographer Michelle Pineda

Our October features are really getting very conceptual and thrilling don't you think, rebels? I am beginning to feel as though October is such an amazing time to get married and explore 'twisted' ideas. It's also fast becoming one of my favorite times of the year--it's getting colder, all the pumpkins are out (and all the pumpkin-inspired food & drinks that go with it), the leaves are turning into a beautiful display of green, to yellow, to orange, and of course there are Halloween festivities and costumes to think about. But let's move on now to another cool submission, shall we? 

Photographer Michelle Pineda from the Arabian Themed Wedding Feature last week, now shares with us a Vampire Themed Prenup that she had the honor of shooting. She shares that her couple Ariza and Gian had a very challenging love story--not only did they struggle with an LDR, they also had a baby early on in their relationship. So the couple felt the need to passionately entitle their engagement to "Love you for a thousand years"--and while there are so many ways to interpret this eternal kind of vibe, they did so with a Vampire Idea. 

To create that eerie feeling, Michelle shares that she focused more on black & white shots. She also did very minimal post processing to get that raw intensity that the prenup needed. 

"Bit by bit Gian found the way to Ariza’s heart and when he touched her soul for the first time, she was lost. And She will never forget the first thing he said to her. "You're the most beautiful thing and I will love you for a thousand years" -- written by Stylist Jemi Nicdao

Gown by Jojo Macapinlac 

Separately, rebellious bride Ariza continued on with her dramatic steak when she donned a beautiful see-through wedding gown on their big day!

We definitely enjoyed every bit of this feature! And may this inspire everyone to be comfortable in your strangeness--wait, that's a song write? Haha!

Congratulations to Ariza and Gian! And may your marriage be eternally blessed for a thousand years, indeed. 

CREDITS: HMUA by Mariah Camaya-Santos / Styling by Jemi Nicdao / Photography by Michelle Pineda

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