A Cosplay Prenup

"It may take a lot of courage for some people to express their true selves. But for us, it's like being free and out in the open for the first time." -- RB Maan

Photography by Barry Millare

What better way to celebrate October than with a series of highly conceptualized, role-playing prenup and wedding ideas? We started with an Arabian Nights wedding, and now a Cosplay prenup! How exciting! Rebellious Bride Maan wrote a wonderful write-up for this feature so go ahead and be transported to the interesting world of an Otakus couple! 

RB Maan writes:

My fiance and I are both Otakus. By definition, an Otaku is someone who has obsessive interests --commonly the Anime and Manga fandom. If there is one thing that my fiance and I would agree on completely, it would be Japanese Anime and Manga.

As soon as we got engaged, we almost immediately decided that we will hold a Cosplay prenup. It will be our chance, and probably the only time when we can actually do what we were dreaming of doing from the very beginning. 

Luckily, my fiance's friend/photographer, Barry Millare, was an Otaku himself. He didn't bat an eyelash when we asked him if we can hire him as our photographer for our Cosplay prenup.

Our engagement shoot was undoubtedly fun! We are not your typical couple who likes to do traditional things.  Being like everyone else is just plain boring. We want to be different.

I believe that when you show who you are in front of the camera, the whole world will smile for you. If you show everyone who you are, all the smiling, posing and all will be effortless! It's like telling the whole world, "Hey! This is who we are and we are not afraid of showing it!"

I am just so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with someone who share the same passion and interest as mine.

So I encourage my fellow brides to not be afraid to do non-traditional engagement shoots. It's not a law that has been passed that you should do what was normally done in an engagement shoot. Be yourself and be confident for it will be worth it.


Make Up: Anne Michelle Camaclang
Hair: Renz Pangilinan
Photographer: Barry Millare
Attire 1: Japanese costume - c/o our Tita Delia
Attire 2: Gothic/Lolita/Rock-ish costume - Sugarfree & Blue
Sword & Mask Props: Comic Alley
Location: Sunken Garden, Muntinlupa City

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  1. I couldn't thank you enough for this wonderful feature! I'm a proud Rebellious Bride! =) More power! =)