M by Metrophoto (Part 2)

Let me start by saying, "I hate you, Oly Ruiz!" Because now I badly wish we had an e-magazine for our wedding two years ago. Now, I really, really want an app that includes all the details of our wedding! After all, M can also be for Mica & Marc. But enough sour-graping and on to the good stuff. I loooove this app! It's a major mega upgrade to the usual wedding album. I have to agree with Oly, yes, this is the next big thing. This is truly a first and a great tool to immortalize a couple's big day.

For those of you who want to see an issue minus the downloading, let me show you a walkthrough. The e-mag is best viewed using a tablet, by the way. Here are some screen caps of what's inside M by Metrophoto.

After making my daughter sleep, time for some downloading!

Look at the new addition to my newsstand! 

The cover looks very sleek & clean :)
They also have an ongoing promo! Of which I will join! Hehe!

Click below for more of their digital pages BUT you have to download to enjoy the actions ;)

E-mags are definitely more exciting & interactive :)

Laid out pretty much like a fashion magazine :)

The featured bride is on the spotlight

You can scroll down to view more photos on the app!

Your vide can even be included!

I hope I get another Metrophoto bride so that The Makeup of Mica will be featured here!

An awesome addition to their services!

Would you want a magazine for your wedding? 
Then you know who to stalk/find. Awesome job, Metrophoto!

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