Wedding Agency: Kathleen & Dingdong's Happy Ending (Nelwin Uy Edition)

Photography by Nelwin Uy

Hooray! Official wedding photos from Nelwin Uy are finally up on his blog! WOOT! And this is the first time we are seeing the video mapping projection from Kathleen & Dingdong's Romantic Discovery Wedding! So exciting! :)

For those who are regulars on the blog, you might have known by now that Kathleen & Dingdong are our Wedding Agency clients and we've blogged about them like sooo many times already haha! (Back track on one of the features HERE).
When Kathleen & Dingdong approached us for their concept and their supplier selection, they were dead set on one thing: not to make their wedding the usual Boracay wedding. We culled the inspiration from the couple themselves--Kathleen was a fairy tale romantic and Dingdong was a technology wiz. And if you look at their wedding, it really doesn't look like a Boracay template because it's THEIR OWN Happy Ending :)

A million times congrats to Kathleen & Dingdong! And this is not even the final feature yet! Haha! Up Next: The Mark Cantalejo Edition. 

Coordination: Amanda Tirol, Boracay Weddings
Couture: Cary Santiago
Event Stylist: Badang Rueda
Video Mapping: VDJ, JT Rius
HMUA: Madge Lejano
Calligraphy: Fozzy Book
Invites: Printsonalities
Video: Mayad Studios 
1st Photographer: Nelwin Uy
2nd Photography: Mark Cantalejo (Coming soon)
Wedding Consultancy & Conceptualization: Wedding Agency by The Rebellious Brides

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