A Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding - The One On Foodie, Food, Food!

Photography and Styling by A Dash of Jamie / Jamie Espadilla

“There is no sincerer love 
than the love of food.” –George Bernard Shaw
There are a lot of ways to interpret a fall-themed wedding. It could be based on the turning of the leaves, corn mazes, hay rides, to name a few. But when A Dash of Jamie & Jacqs Floral Design Studio approached us for this collaboration shoot, we wanted to be unique in our own way of course! And that's why we thought of Thanksgiving--not just because we have been feeling very grateful right now (Back track HERE), but also because when you think of Fall, it immediately takes you to Thanksgiving and plus, the family-style food spread.

This wedding concept shoot therefore, brings back one of the main wedding elements that has been ironically overshadowed by reception styling -- the food itself. We've seen many, many wedding photos and catering portfolios a hundred times over--and don't you find it curious as to why there are very minimal food shots? You see everything else though, right? The huge floral arrangements, the overwhelmingly themed decors, the shabby chic dessert table--but no food in sight. And then when you do see the food, it's gotta be the fancy kind--fillet Mignon this, baked salmon that. However, guests secretly get hungry after and go for a burger (at the end of the day, guests, especially guys just want fuss-free and generously portioned food). READ ON! >>>

As this is a Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding, we specifically made sure to highlight the food--so much so that it is actually part of the actual table arrangement, and that it's part of the styling even down to the last bouquet. Jamie of A Dash of Jamie  in collaboration with Jacqs Floral Design Studiowho created our wonderful table arrangements made sure of that. In fact, Jamie and Jacq refused to work on the tables unless the bountiful spread from Pumpkin Catering arrived on our set. They wanted to enhance and highlight the food and style around it--not to overpower it. What's more, they even added their own edible props to further highlight on food!

Together with Jacqs Floral Design Studio, A Dash of Jamie styled our table arrangements with edible props in the form of tarts, fruits, and pumpkins. These talented girls also made use of muted and organically unkempt materials--a dash of dried pine cones here, a dash of wooden boxes there, and it further highlighted that this Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding was really all about the food!

The reception kind that we like is family style. Thanksgiving style! It's a way to make everybody on the table mingle, and it's a way to make guests feel more comfortable without having to awkwardly line-up for the buffet table after the required photo op with the couple.

Pumpkin Catering went all out for this shoot! Before the shoot, they asked what cuisine we wanted to highlight but we eventually customized a menu that had a little bit of everything. It's Thanksgiving after all, and it's nice to have everybody's favorite dishes on the table! 

Generously portioned, tasty food, fresh and healthy ingredients, affordable (wedding rates start at P350++), flexible minimum number of guests (as low as 30 pax for rebellious intimate weddings), and a re-focus on just simple good food in 6 different cuisines, Pumpkin Catering is really all about the good 'ol foodie food food! RB Mica's personal favorite is the Paella, while mine is the Southern Fried Chicken. We had a turkey customized for the shoot since it's a Thanksgiving theme and it is definitely one of the BEST and I mean SUPER DUPER BEST turkeys I have EVER HAD! It's sooo good that it's tasty even without gravy or ketchup!

"May your stuffing be tasty

May your turkey plump,

May your potatoes and gravy

have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious

and your pies take the prize,

and may your Thanksgiving dinner

stay off your thighs!"


Since the wedding is set in a house, we made use of the existing wooden tables found in the house itself and created two set-ups. One formal (perhaps for the oldies?) and one that's a little bit more informal (for fun friends!). One of the most awesome things about non-traditional venues such as this, is that it allows you so much more creative freedom! No corkage, no matchy matchy tables and chairs, and intimate nooks for guests. So as we always say here in RB, we will always forever be "anti-reception." 

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” 


We've talked about the wedding theme, the details, and the food. Now on to the "main event" that we're sure all you rebels are most excited about: The featured "Rebellious Couple" and of course their bridal & groom styling! 

But if you haven't read the first part yet, read: 
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More food shots taken by my hubb during the shoot :)

*MUST TRY! The Southern Fried Chicken--Pumpkin Catering's Version!*

A Thanksgiving Backyard Wedding
Hosted by The Rebellious Brides / Wedding Agency

Catering by Pumpkin Catering (0915 116 9489)
Photography & Event Styling by A Dash of Jamie
Flowers, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, and Wreaths by Jacqs Floral Design Studio 
Pies from https://www.facebook.com/simplypie

Bride and Groom Styling by 
KC Leyco-Mempin and Camz Materiales
***Please watch out for the upcoming feature on this shoot's styling for the full credits on the gowns, suits, and accessories***

Makeup by The Makeup of Mica
Featuring Real-Life Couple, Jaycee & RJ
Flower Girl Taylor's dress is model's own 
Flower Baby Mindi's dress is model's own 
On Location at Ayala Heights

Calligraphy & Invitations by Ink Scribbler
Souvenirs by Dreality Souvenirs 

Wondering where we got the cutey patootie pumpkins? 
It's from Manila Seedling! :)

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  1. Wedding details are my favorite part and you did a wonderful wonderful job with all these cute little details..I bet everyone enjoyed them!