Anna & Chuck's Peanuts Themed Wedding

Photography by Chestknots Studios

As a guest of Anna & Chuck's wedding, I can personally attest to the fact that their wedding--though obviously riddled with refreshingly creative ideas, was even made more memorable because of the personalized, meaningful, and love-filled ceremony. The couple culled inspiration from Peanuts--something they both loved. And it was amazing how consistent it was from the Facebook Event invite, to the directional signages, to the refreshment booth. And just as light, fun, child-like, and positive Peanuts is, the same vibe resonated all-throughout the day and unto the couple's loved ones. You could feel it in the air as friends cheered Chuck on as he made his way to the aisle. It was in the encouraging claps, hoots, and tears. It was in the testimonials and vows that the couple shared with guests, their parents, and to each other. I have to commend the parents as well though. While other parents would refuse a wedding theme such as this, they supported it and embraced it. And that is truly such an admirable way of showing love and support to the couple and their wedding ideas. 

So as Lucy Van Pelt would say, "Happiness is a warm puppy." And this wedding was definitely warm and as fuzzy as a puppy :)

Anna shares: "The wedding venue was a no-brainer for us. Even before we met each other, we both knew that we wanted to get married in Baguio Country Club. The rustic aspect of the wedding was incorporated because of that. We also wanted to make sure that the playfulness of our personalities would be seamlessly integrated into the wedding which was why the Peanuts gang was part of it. We grew up with them, and Chuck was even named after Charlie Brown. Above all else, we wanted the wedding to be beyond ourselves. We wanted to celebrate God's grace and faithfulness in our lives, our parents' hard work and support, our families' love, and the happiness of our friends brought into our lives."

Also got to take some photos of my own. Here's some of my favorites! :)

Congratulations to the lovely couple! As a witness to your ceremony, I have no doubts that you guys are gonna be amazing at making your marriage work. May your future family be as happy as it can be! :)

Photography by Chestknots / Jay Jay Lucas 
Videography by Notion in Motion 
Bridal Gown by Dre Tetanco, Coca Couture
Bridal Hair & Makeup by Bombee Bartolome 
Bouquet Accent by Clay Artist
Bridal Shoes by Lulu Swing
Custom Peanuts Designs by Tina Araneta
Boutonnieres by {ETC} Handmade Goodness
Venue: Baguio Country Club 
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  1. Love it!♥ Thanks! -Anna

  2. omg i want a snoopy theme wedding! ^_^

  3. May I ask who if they have a wedding coordinator? If so, can I get the name of the group?

  4. hello there! pwede kaya makuha yung contact number ni miss Tina Araneta? yung gumawa ng Peanuts Designs? or kahit yung coordinator or yung bride or groom? kahit e-mail add lang. I'm gettign married and I want to have a SNoopy wedding theme., thanks!