Diana & Arch's Love Myths Prenup

"Love is Blind"
Photography by Nice Print

Diana shares: 2 years ago, when people asked me about Arch, I answered, "He’s my ABCD --- Ang Bagong Constant Date." I was totally clueless that we’d leap from Exclusively Dating to Engaged! So when he popped the question, I was crying uncontrollably, and then asked him back, “Tayo na?!”

True enough, true love can be unconventional, and that’s what we wanted to depict in our Pre-nuptial Shoot: DEFY LOVE MYTHS.

This is the mood board that we provided Rabbit Hole Creatives to help us with the execution of the concept. Without their involvement, we could have just acted out each idea literally! Heheheheh. Buti nalang!

"Opposites Attract"

"You Drive Me Crazy"

"Fools In Love"

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