Wicked 18

Photography by MangoRed

There are rare occasions when we can't help but feature non-wedding life events, particularly debuts and proms. Sometimes, there's so much more richness and more rebelliousness when you plunge into the minds of the younger generation. A little less predictable, a little less contrived. Just the way we like 'em. Alecx is probably one of the most exciting debutantes we've seen yet. There's nothing quite like this set, folks. 

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Grabbed from MangoRed:

Hair + MakeUp > J a m e s  N u a l l a  +  M a c y  A g u i l a r | Production Design + Styling > R a b b i t h o l e  C r e a t i v e s | Illustrations > T o k w a  S a l a z a r  P e ñ a f l o r i d a _

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