I will make 2014 a masterpiece by...

It's time to announce the winners of our #Jumpstart2014 contest in collaboration with Belle du Jour :)

Thank you soooo much for all the entries. Once in awhile we do love having these contests because it allows us to learn more about you, our dear readers. So thank you for participating.

So here are the three winning entries! :)

I will make 2014 a masterpiece by letting go of the paintbrush and
painting with my bare hands! :D This year, I will get my hands dirty
in pursuit of my dreams! :)

Figurative speech aside, I have big challenges and major projects
coming my way this year... So I will make this year awesome by
focusing on the positive things when the going gets rough; making sure
I still have a lot of play, fun and laughter amidst a busy work life;
making health top priority and that means doing yoga regularly and
eating well, no more excuses; and putting aside some "what should
be's" to make way for "what I think is best for me". 
Pray more, worry
less. Breathe, be patient, believe. :)
-- Raissa Paje

I will make 2014 a masterpiece by perfecting my 12-13-14 wedding. #jumpstart2014
-- Marichu Bernardo

I will make 2014 a masterpiece by
Facing my fears & doubts one at a time
Embracing my physical flaws & focusing on my inner beauty 
Allot time to help other people thru medical missions
Racing towards my dreams & goals
Lead with an open mind and a caring heart
Enriching my personal relationship with God
Spending more time with my family and friends
Striving to be the best version of myself daily 
#jumpstart2014 #fearless
-- Hazel Jimenez

Congratulations to Raissa, Marichu, and Hazel--you guys are truly inspiring and we wish you all the best this 2014! 

'Till the next contest Rebels! :)

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