All You Need is Love and...Boracay

Photography by MangoRed
It's no secret that I love Boracay weddings. But what I love even more are Rebellious Boracay Brides. No two Bora wedding is alike. Despite the fact that it's pretty much the same island and often times the same rockstar talents, each wedding comes out with a different vibe. But of course there are still certain Boracay weddings that kind of stand out for me--and those are the ones that are perfectly photographed and perfectly executed with simple but significant elements. A Rebellious Boracay Bride is someone who knows how to bring out the best of what the island can offer. After all, the beach is your backdrop, what else is there to do but just add significant touches of your own? 

I've seen sooooo many Boracay weddings. So I naturally love the ones that are going against the templates. Take for example Nick & Sheeva's Boracay wedding. Beautiful calligraphy, Asya as their backdrop, emerald jewelry, copper-colored cups, and bicycle as a design element--it's a new kind of Boracay wedding and it worked flawlessly. 

So what to me is the best Boracay wedding formula? 1) Invest and work with the best talents. My top 3 would be Amanda Tirol, an amazing photographer, and an equally top caliber videographer. 2) Keep everything else simple and within a reasonable budget. 3) Let go. Have fun. You are in Boracay. Love and Chill. 

Congratulations to Nick & Sheeva. May you have an eternally lovely marriage as your wedding.

Credits grabbed from MangoRed:
Bridal Gown > R e e m  A c r a Entourage Gowns > V e e j a y  F l o r e s c a |  Video > B o b  N i c o l a s Hair + MakeUp > R a y m o n d  S a n t i a g o  +  R o b b i e  P i n e r a  | Flowers + Boutonnieres > V a t e l  M a n i l a  +  H a n d m a d e  G o o d n e s s | Invites > P r i n t s o n a l i t i e s   x   P o p J u n k L o v e | Coordination > A m a n d a  T i r o l  o f  B o r a c a y  W e d d i n g s

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  1. via gmail

    Hello Rebellious Bride:

    I just saw your post on our wedding and just wanted to say thank you for the kind words! The island has been and will always be my second home and we really wanted to let the island shine throughout the wedding. I am so glad that you saw this from the photos, it melts my heart.

    Good luck with everything and we are so honored to be featured on your blog.

    Sheeva + Nick