Leean & Jonathan's DIY Save the Date Video

When Leean submitted to us their DIY video saying that there were no videographers and editors who worked on their video, with no assistance even from friends whatsoever, we had our doubts to be honest. In our minds we were thinking, "uh-oh...what is this going to look like?"-- But we were quite pleasantly surprised at how cute their video turned out to be. And not just cute...it was well made! Leean and Jonathan definitely had the eye for this! You guys might want to make it into a little business haha.

Leean shares:
The Concept of the video is Catch Me If You Can - girl likes being chased and the guy runs after her for a marriage proposal. We came up with this quirky concept so we can incorporate it with our shooting limitations. Not even a single assistant helped us to hold the cam. So each scene was planned to create the story. We just find it funny knowing that we're the actors, directors, editors and cameramen all at the same time! :)

Jonathan + Leean Save the Date Video - Catch Me If You Can
from Leean Basa on Vimeo.
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