The Year of Color

Gown by Stella de Libero / As Seen on Wedding Inspirasi
Three years ago when we created our blog, one of our first few posts already rallied to go for colored gowns. To be more specific, we entitled the entry "Anti-White" and it was our 9th post in the blog. This has always been one of our "propaganda movements." 

Over the past few years since that post, we've been so overjoyed to see the same battle cry from fashion heavyweights the likes of Vera Wang. So when the folks over at Simply Bridal shared with us their 2014 Fearless Forecast, we couldn't be happier. According to Simply Bridal, they predict that 2014 is DEFINITELY the year for colored gowns. So in support of their forecast, we've scoured the web to also give you sample gowns based on their forecast. Enjoy! :)

Simply Bridal says: 2014 is the year of going against the grain with weddings, especially when it comes to color! Instead of traditional white wedding gowns, brides will select colored gowns to show off their unique style and personality. Here's some of the hottest hues for wedding dresses and what they say about you:

Source: Pinterest
"You believe that life should always be romantic, and have a sweet sense of innocence" 

Gown by Carolina Herrera
"You have a need to express your hopes and dreams, no matter how idealistic they are."

Gown by Vera Wang
"You are steady in your ways and persistent, with a very strong need for security."

"Seafoam" by Jenny Packam
"You are sensible, respectable, and love freedom. 
Those around you love your carefree attitude."

Gown by Stella de Libero
"You have a deep need to belong to groups and help others. 
Everyone knows they can rely on you."

Gown by Elizabeth Dye
"You are composed and reliable, and have a tendency to conform for peace."

Gown by Claire Pettibone
"You are enthusiastic and this attracts many friends. You have a passion to experience life."

Gown by Reem Acra
"You are energetic and love to socialize. You are always the life of the party."

Gown by Reem Acra
"You seek a calm and peaceful life, and often the mediator when there's conflict."

Gown by Carolina Herrera
"You are affirmative, creative and express yourself in a very realistic and logical way."

Gown by Elie Saab
"You are independent, and convey a strong sense of power to those around you."


If you are a regular RB reader, you know by now that the belief embedded in our society that white is the traditional color of gowns since time and immemorial is one of the BIGGEST FATTEST LIES to date. But in case you haven't read our feature on this yet, VISIT: THE LITTLE WHITE LIE

So what now rebels? Are you finally ready to take the big leap towards colored gowns? Always remember that this is NOT about following the latest trends in weddings. It's about staying true to yourself especially if deep down inside you've always wanted to wear a colored gown on your wedding day. Based on this helpful infographic shared by Simply Bridal, which color/personality do you think best suits you? :)

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  1. I'll be wearing a red gown to my 2015 wedding for the ceremony and most of the reception, and a black gown to dance in. Can't wait!

  2. All dresses are very beautiful but my favorite is red & dazzling blue.

  3. I would recommend my new dress to someone looking for a fun, fitted special occasion outfit! The seller was also very polite and responsive to emails.