The 13luckymonkey Engagement Ring

How do you translate "astig" in English? It rocks? This rock, rocks? Not quite it. Maybe there's just no exact translation to the awesomeness that is this ring. I personally know the bride and know that this one-of-a-kind ring fits her well. I would have bombarded her with questions but the proposal was just today and she is still in a daze. For the moment, let's  just take it all in and have a good look at this rebellious ring.

*fist bump to Tanya's rebellious fiancĂ©, Tats*

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  1. These rings area unit beautiful and that i enjoyed reading this inspiring article. My final goal is to make various engagement rings that area unit reasonable to young couples simply beginning out.
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  3. It seems to me cheap but exclusive. some woman grealty like the small stone at the middle but some really like something big and shiny. But it is true sometimes simple rings are also exclusive. YOu can also try Hearts on Fire rings from Yeltons as they are modern designed.