Wedding Agency: "Operation Love"

Wedding Film by Sequence by Sequence

We are soooooooo excited to share with you guys the wedding and love story of Nathan and Marissa. Nathan & Marissa are part of Compassion International and Kythe Foundation. When the couple approached The Wedding Agency, they were sure of one thing--they wanted their advocacies to be part of their big day but they didn't want it to feel contrived and preachy. One of the things we proposed for them to do was that instead of the usual prenup, what if they could bring children for a day-away at Jollibee. Little did we know that they were going to take this idea to the next level.

Being in NGOs, Nathan and Marissa had a very challenging wedding budget and this was one of the reasons why they wanted to work with the Wedding Agency. But even with a challenging budget, you'll have to agree that this wedding will touch your hearts in a whole new level. And it is definitely one of the best weddings you'll witness.

Nathan & Mars: Chickenjoy from Sequence by Sequence on Vimeo.

During wedding preps, it's very easy to lose yourself in the details and all the ideas being thrown your way. It also becomes tempting to go for the fancy ideas and blow up your budget for that dream grand wedding. Nathan and Marissa's wedding is the best example of finding your inspiration from within and staying true to yourself as a couple. 

Congratulations to you guys and we are so proud of your amazingly rebellious hearts--now THIS is a rebel couple with a cause!

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  1. They're not NGO's. They work FOR NGOs or are NGO workers.

  2. Attended a wedding at this location. There is a concierge that greets guest at the main lobby and directs them to the top floor. The view is a must see at night.