Charlene and Choi's Cosplay Wedding

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A Cosplay wedding was a no brainer for Charlene and Choi--after all, they both loved Final Fantasy and they met at a Cosplay/Final Fantasy convention. Theirs is a love so unique that it even got featured in GMA!

GMA taping of Charlene & Choi's love story
But what's even better than a rebellious couple brave enough to do a Cosplay x Final Fantasy Wedding? It's really the fact that their loved ones were so game to be just as bold, just as fun, and just as rebellious!

Wanna bet? Here are just some of the photos that proves it to bits!

The bride's mom:

The bride's dad and the groom in a duel:

The bridesmaids in Harry Potter-Beauxbaton inspired outfits! (My fave idea!):

And all the guests who dressed up for the occasion! 

More awesome photos of the couple:

Congratulations and best wishes to Charlene and Choi! And may your marriage be just as thrilling as your wedding! 

Here's a look at their wedding video:

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