Falling in Love with Eskaya

All my photos were taken from my iPhone 5C unless labeled otherwise 

I first found out about Eskaya a couple of years ago---found it not even from a local blog but from the  Kiwi Collection. I was immediately intrigued by it. I thought to myself, "Where is this place and how come nobody talks about it as much?" When I did more research, I kind of understood why. It's definitely not a mainstream resort. It is in the ranks of the Aman Resorts and the Maldives. In fact, it's the "best kept secret" of politicians and celebrities including Kris Aquino, PGMA, Kim Chiu & Xian Lim, and my fave couple Dingdong and Marian.  It's the most premium resort in Bohol and I instantly knew I had to have this on my Bucket List.

The law of attraction has always been on my side, and long and behold I had the honor of experiencing Eskaya first hand last weekend. Here's the first thing we laid our eyes on:

The Rebellious Bride in me instantly knew that this place is a place to fall in love. Whether it's for a proposal, for a prenup, DEFINITELY for a wedding, or a honeymoon, or maybe even a renewal if you're celebrating an anniversary, Eskaya comes out highly recommended. You just have to look at my photos to see why:

Being in Eskaya felt so surreal. I don't intend to sound snooty or even arrogant but I'm just trying hard to find the right words to describe the "Eskaya Experience". So the best way for me to describe Eskaya is this: Once you've gone to Eskaya, there's no other way to do Bohol. Not only are the villas breathtaking, the spa is a Conde Nast recommended spa. When we first saw the Handuraw Spa, my jaws literally dropped. I could already envision a proposal happening right there, right now. Check out my spa photos:

 The dinners are oh so romantic at Eskaya with BBQ candlelight decks overlooking the ocean with traditional "Harana" boys singing to the tunes of literally Parokya's Harana, With a Smile from the Eheads, and even Beatles and U2.

But it's not just the rooms or even the spa that makes it romantic. Eskaya's own private powdery sand beach is just the perfect spot for a reception.

The main pool I would say would be the best place for the ceremony but Eskaya also has all these wonderful fishing gardens that are also very giddy-worthy if you prefer garden weddings.

The exclusive Eskaya island hopping tour and cultural tour are just as romantic and high end. You get a private assistant that attends to your every need. Just right after sunset you'll get to encounter wild dolphins, hundreds of them, swimming beside your boat. Then your personal assistant starts serving continental breakfast at the Balicasag island where the snorkeling activity is. Eskaya's snorkeling gear was top of the line making it even more enjoyable. True to our romantic form as hubb and wife, Cy and I did snorkeling while holding hands (cheesy I know). We've invented the term HHWS -- Holding Hands While Snorkeling haha! I got a kick out of seeing multiple "Dory's" ala Finding Nemo and even Crush the Sea Turtle!

That's our personal assistant, Ariel carrying our continental breakfast and towels for our exclusive Eskaya Island Hopping Tour

So lucky to capture this moment of a baby dolphin twirling! 

The highlight for me though was Virgin Island and the shifting sand bar. OMG, so romantic! If I were to have a rebellious renewal of vows (again, haha!), I'd probably have it here. The buco stand will do just fine as a ceremonial arch haha! I wouldn't even style it. Who needs styling if you have this as a view?

Filled with wonder and peace at the Virgin Island 

Going back to Eskaya, one of the ultimate reasons (as if I haven't stressed that enough already) why I find this place perfect to fall in love with is because I can't help compare it. Sure I've always been a Boracay Bride. Sure I'm also in love with Batanes, and sure I have been to Bellaroca and I know these "three Bs" have always been a sure choice for prenups and weddings but I think Eskaya is also the perfect choice for those wanting to have the best of everything. Why? Let's face it, Boracay is already going mainstream and it's too crowded. Batanes, though I love that too, is just a little unattainable weather-wise and logistics-wise. Bellaroca on the other hand no longer has flights and they don't even have a beach! But at Eskaya--everything that I just said can be addressed. It's accessible, logistics-wise Eskaya's staff are the best! And of course, it's super ultra private.

While writing this piece, I came across a foreign couple who got married in Eskaya. Let's watch their video!

Rait and Marin ll Wedding Highlights ll 02.23.12 ll Eskaya Resort Bohol
from supersevenstudio on Vimeo.

But do me a favor, will you? Get married in Eskaya and get Jason Magbanua/Mayad/Bob Nicolas/Ian Cruz/John Marvi to do the wedding film! An Eskaya wedding rightfully should have an award-winning wedding video :)

I also found a prenup as photographed by MetroPhoto no less!

Oh how I miss Eskaya now!!!! My first Eskaya experience was with my husband. I can't wait for us to go here with our closest friends next time.

Thank you for this experience, Universe! #HappyThankYouMorePlease :)

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