Issa & KC's Stylish, School-Themed, Intimate Wedding

"Our wedding was a simple and intimate affair graced and blessed by the people who genuinely love us. Because of the short guest list, I never posted anything on social media sites about the wedding and when people found out, they were floored." -- Rebellious Bride Issa 

Hello rebels! It's June and as promised, it's back to regular programming. We promise to have more regular posts despite our crazy schedules. Pinky swear! 

And since it's Back-to-School month, we'd like to share with you this beautiful school-themed wedding. Issa made a beautiful write-up for their wedding so we don't really have to write about it any further. But we do want to point out a couple of things. Issa and KC's wedding is the perfect example of perfect editing. They nailed it in terms of knowing which elements to spend on, and which ones to be creatively practical on. What's more, they were unafraid to carefully edit their guest list and trim it down to just 75 pax. Nowadays that's the most difficult thing to do and so we truly admire them for their boldness. The wedding is also the perfect example that having a rebellious idea for a wedding CAN look very sophisticated. Issa and KC's wedding was School-Themed--some might instantly think that this theme is too kiddie and it COULD have turned out kiddie and tacky but when you see how the bride translated this in her handcrafted DIYs you'll be floored by how chic the wedding became. Speaking of sophistication, we'd like to commend how beautiful and stylish the wedding was, overall. We soooo love the gown and the entourage dresses! So stylish! As Issa put it, at first look you might not even consider them as "rebellious" in the most obvious sense of the word but when you find out the decisions that they have made for their wedding, that's when you realise how bold they were in their ideas. 

When I think of June I think of pearls, intricate lacing, tea-time, simplicity, and class. And that's exactly the kind of vibe I'm getting from Issa and KC's wedding. Enjoy!

Rebellious Bride Issa writes:

We had a short guest list of 75 pax and held the reception in Discovery Country Suites which is considered by many as a preparation venue but might be too small for events with bigger parties.

I am proud to share that we did not hire an events coordinator and event stylist. I  did most of the crafts (entourage hangers, hand-made paper pencils and printed canvas bookmarks) and accessories and am truly blessed to have been able to savor every moment of being a then bride-to-be.

Deciding on a school-themed wedding was a no-brainer for us because both KC and myself are teachers. Our invite suite included a chalkboard main invite and a letter-format information sheet complete with a reply slip. The chalkboard theme was carried over to other details such as table numbers, other signages, and the cake. 

TIPID TIP: Illustration board with watercolor and baby powder makes for a wonderful chalkboard finish.

Using the water-colored background from the invite suite for the "escort cards", we printed guests’ names on treated canvas and fashioned them into bookmarks that they can use as bookmarks or even as bag tags. The differently colored tassels were helpful, too, in discreetly guiding the wait staff of Verbena on the meat preference of the guests. 

I enjoy crafting tremendously and my supply of washi tapes, ribbons and whatnots came in handy for our special day. I turned ordinary hangers into shabby chic surprises for my bridesmaids. I personally handcrafted paper pencils, too, for souvenirs.

Six months married and I am still giddy about our wedding. Beautiful memories are just so hard to shake off, I guess. Thanks, too, for the spirit of friendship that your blog offers to wide-eyed wedding romantics like myself. The Rebellious Bride was with me throughout wedding preparation and it continues to inspire me to be daring and to take risks in all aspects of our married life.

Love and light and all things beautifully bright,

We are truly thrilled to know that Issa is a certified RB reader and seeing as how amazing her wedding turned out to be gives us a lot of joy. 

Congats Issa and KC! Looks like your are about to celebrate your first year wedding anniversary soon so consider this your advanced anniv gift! :)

Preparation and Reception Venue: Discovery Country Suites
Photography: Denise Llanos Dee and 4AM Hustle Productions 
Invitations: Isabel Silva 
Cake and Macarons: Gypsy Girl Desserts
Bride’s Dress and Entourage Dresses: Camille Co 
Flowers and D├ęcor: Toby Mijares and Fredrick Fernandez (brother and friend of bride)
Tokens: Bride
Bride’s Make-up: Gery Penaso
Entourage Make-up: Anton Padtu
Hairstylist: Renz Pangilinan
Coordination: Bride and friends

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