Jill & Mark's 2-Part Boracay Wedding

Photography by Metrophoto

One look at Rebellious Bride Jill, and for sure you would know why she landed on our blog. Why, she wore a short wedding gown--and a PINK one at that! But that's not the only reason why we're excited to feature her today. Among many, many rebellious details on her wedding day to Mark, she had TWO Boracay weddings! 

There's  one major reason why a Boracay bride would want to have a wedding in Boracay. To have that dreamy beachfront wedding, of course! After all, that's what Boracay is essentially famous for--its much celebrated white powdery sands in an endless symphony with the clear turquoise waters are the main reasons why a couple would want to say I DOs in this heavenly place. But as most Boracay brides, later on your dreams are crushed when you find out that a Catholic wedding is technically not allowed by the beach. What's allowed on the beachfront are civil weddings and Christian weddings. Your heart stops for a moment. The dream beachfront wedding suddenly fades away. But long and behold, there's a rebellious loophole in this rule. 

Enter, the 2-Part Boracay Wedding. What this is, is actually a way for you to get married in an intimate ceremony at the church to fulfill those requirements as a Catholic couple or as requested by the parents. And then later on, have your dream beachfront wedding come true via a civil or Christian wedding. 

Most Boracay brides who opt for this 'loophole' make their church weddings simple. But not for Rebellious Bride Jill. She made sure to make a statement with her short pink bridal gown and killer Louboutins. She was having 2 weddings, 2 bridal moments, and she got to fulfill 2 dreamy experiences. As you will see in the photos, the wedding's unique look evolved even further as the beachfront ceremony unfolded. Each detail was so refreshing to see. From the rebellious invitations down to the last detail, all were  not your typical Boracay wedding look and color palettes--even the guests and entourage were dressed to the nines and they weren't in the usual beach wedding outfits too! 

But this wedding wasn't all about the style and unique details. Most people negatively comment and discourage having a 2-part ceremony because they say it takes away the importance of one from the other. Some would say "Corny na, kasi nag wedding na kanina." "Not as special anymore", or "Bakit kailangan pa ng dalawa?" But Jill & Mark debunks these negative assumptions. As you will see in their photos, they were just as emotional and in love with the moment in both ceremonies. I particularly loved how Mark cried in BOTH occasions! (Awwww...)

As a former Boracay bride, if there was one thing I wish I knew during the wedding preps that nobody told me (nor was it ever discussed in local wedding sites/magazines), it's the fact that you can have a church wedding  prior to the beachfront wedding. Had I known of this earlier on, then it would have saved us the trouble of having to have another wedding in Manila just to be able to fulfill that church wedding requirement most traditional Catholic parents wish for.

So if you are reading this now, future Boracay bride, I hope that this feature doesn't just inspire you to have a unique, stylish, Boracay wedding like Jill and Mark but that I hope this also informs you of the many options available to you in order to fulfill your dream beachfront wedding.

As for the couple of the hour, congratulations Jill and Mark! May your marriage overflow with love and beauty as your wedding. 

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