Wedding Agency: Rosette + Oli = Ethan's Splish Splash Wedding

Photography by Benjie Tiongco 

I can still remember our client briefing with Rosette, Oli, and their son Ethan like it was just yesterday. In truth, it's been almost 3 years ago. 

Our inspiration when we think of ideas for our clients can come from anywhere. In Rosette & Oli's case, our inspiration came from Ethan himself. 

Rosette & Oli's wedding was to be a beach wedding in the city. Out of the three concepts that we initially proposed to them, there was one that immediately resonated with them so well--not because it was full of creative ideas but because it revolved around being a family. 

True enough, when I saw their official wedding photos for the very first time, I honestly didn't even care about the creative details. What got me emotional and almost teary-eyed was the most priceless wedding element of them all---Ethan, and his relationship with his mom and dad. 

Here are some snippets from their Wedding Agency Walkthrough:

Apart from making Ethan the focal point/inspiration for the wedding, we also proposed to the couple on how they can bring the beach vibe to Manila. Some of the ideas are quite simple and you can do the same as well! To bring the resort/beach feel to the city, all you have to do is re-create some of the elements that remind you of the beach: sand, water (or water-like illuminations), leis, blue hues, and resort-inspired flowy dresses are some of the things that can make a theme like this chic. But if you also want to add fun elements, you can add beach balls, floral prints, and some hula! 

Here's how Rosette, Oli, and Ethan's Splish Splash Wedding unfolded:

Photographer Benjie Tiongco also had this to share about the wedding:

It is said that a wedding is the bride’s day – the moment the church doors open, she steals the show with her stunning presence. However for this particular wedding, it was their son who somehow became the star. In behalf of Rosette’s father, Ethan ran half way on the aisle to walk his mom to his dad, it was a heartfelt moment for everyone to witness. I also remember Oliver sharing to us on how their son was the reason why everything worked out for them as a couple and eventually came to having this wedding.
It was a year ago when Oli proposed in Boracay that’s why they originally thought of having the wedding there. But logistics is a usual block for out of town weddings so they instead had a beach wedding in the heart of the city. From the brides maids’ flowers, to the sand and shells as part of the centre piece, the guests truly experienced a setting close to the white sands of Boracay. The theme was also a reflection of the couple, quoting them on why they chose this concept..
“It’s where we find peace and solitude. The feeling of being on the beach – salt on our hair, sand on our feet. The wind. The waves. That laid back feeling and having a relaxed life. An escape from reality. Everyone’s happy. No stress. No dramas.”
Now if that doesn’t make you want to hit the beach, I don’t know what. You guys enjoy this one. :]

Congratulations and best wishes Rosette, Oli, and Ethan! Your beautiful love for family is such an inspiration! 

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Conceptualization: Wedding Agency by The Rebellious Brides
Coordination: Teena Barretto
Photography by: Benjie Tiongco
Makeup and Hair: Kay Rodriguez
Florist: Eve & Co.
Couturier: Veejay Floresca

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