"Who's That Bride?"

Photography by Zeus Martinez Photography

I personally see tons of wedding photos on my Facebook news feeds and Instagram timeline. Naturally, at some point my feeds become a blur. Then on very rare occasions, a bride catches my attention and makes the blur pause into a perfect rebellious freeze frame that makes me feel giddy. One such moment was when I saw Rebellious Bride Ashley as photographed by Zeus Martinez. 

A sudden gush of excitement usually follows this "freeze frame" moment which then compels me to feature. 

I was instantly intrigued by Ashley's unique style. To be in an otherwise classic all-white ensemble (including the bouquet), and then to totally go to the opposite side of the spectrum to transform it to something wickedly rebellious, is a careful work of art that is not easy to pull-off. 

Maybe because Ashley's look is so rebelliously poetic that even photographer Zeus couldn't help but describe this moment into something eloquent:

"Her smile is the brightest on her wedding day. And in a couple of hours, she will cry tears of joy because she will remember how difficult the road was and how, at times, it would enter her mind that this moment would have been the most improbable day in her life. 

From all of the missteps and the disappointments to the lingering doubts that nagged her during the nights, she remembers them all and knows that today is the start of another life.

She is radiant and her smile is the brightest on her wedding day because she knows that on that day, she joins herself with two promise-keepers: the love of her life and the God led them to each other."

As if these photographs haven't inspired you already, the story behind the gown will inspire you even further. Apparently, the bride originally commissioned another designer to make her dream gown. But the designer couldn't deliver the project on time so the bride had to rebelliously think quickly to find another gown designer, willing to take on the crazy task of making a gown for her in just 4 days. She found her hero in designer Rodel Banzon. I reckon it worked out for the best (and maybe this gown was just really "meant to be") because this gown is fabulous! And you guys know we don't even like white that much so that's saying something! Haha. Moral of the story is, sometimes things don't go your way during the wedding preps--but know that things will always work out just fine if you have the rebellious spirit to push forward and think on your feet :)

HMUA: Rhaye Dela Cruz
Gown: Rodel Banzon
Bouquet: Mhel San Juan
Photography by: Zeus Martinez Photography 

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