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Who do you follow on Instagram? 

When it comes to Social Media, I believe in my own mantra, "Quality over Quantity." In my Instagram account for instance, I try to be very selective of who to follow because I wanna be able to see each and every photo that everybody posts. If I start following thousands of people, then I'd miss out on all the posts since my newsfeeds would most likely go haywire and will push down most of the content. I'm also very particular about privacy on Social Media but that's another story....

I follow 3 basic categories when I decide to follow people on IG. First would be people I follow for work info (as in shows & celebrities for GMA 7 and wedding artists for RB), second would be my friends of course, and third would be people I follow for creative inspiration.

If you are wedding planning now, I urge you to follow NON-WEDDING Instagram Inspirations  that would help broaden your minds, pegs, and perspectives. 

Here are my top 3 favorite IG accounts to follow for creative inspiration. Follow them too! :)


@parisinfourmonths is the IG account of Carin Olsson's blog 

Carin Olsson is a blogger/photographer who stayed in Paris for four months, fell in love with the city and decided to move there for good. I love her aesthetic because it's clean, romantic, and of course--French. Carin makes me daydream about Paris every day. Follow her account and her blog for inspiration on reception styling and romantic details. She photographs Dior fashion shows (among many others) and trust me--they make for great event styling inspirations!


@rhonafarrer is the IG account of 
Rhonna Designs app developer/owner, Rhonna Farrer 

If you haven't downloaded her brilliant app yet, she created this uber cool photo editor that adds artfully designed graphic layouts and fonts that are oh-so-wedding-worthy! I love her posts because they are a dose of sunshine and an instant pick-me-upper any day of the week. Her photos and her layouts are great inspirations for wedding invitation ideas, calligraphy work, and other wedding layouts you might be thinking of adding to your big day.


@garypeppergirl is the IG account of Nicole Warne's blog 

Oh my goodness where to begin?!?! Nicole Warne is the only fashion blogger that I truly, truly adore! If you haven't heard of her yet, her inspiring story began when she used to intern for Harper's Bazaar Australia, then she quit that to start her own vintage store on eBay. When she got uber successful, she quit that again to start her fashion blog. She founded her business at the age of 20. Today, she goes around the world to create her amazing fashion layouts. She's been tapped by the most amazing global brands like Lancome and Louis Vuitton. To top it all off, she's just plain darn creative and beautiful! Her photos are great inspirations for stylish wedding outfits, color palettes, prenup ideas, and destination wedding locations! 

We know that we sound like a broken record but since the time Rebellious Brides was born, one of the very first posts/suggestions we ever put out here was to look at non-wedding websites for your weddings. We've always been consistent with this, and the same suggestion applies when it comes to Instagram Inspirations. So who do you follow? :)

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