Tips from Holly & Denero's Wedding

We can all learn a thing or two from weddings from around the globe. I for one love American weddings because there's an understated coolness and chicness in how they plan their weddings.  Holly & Denero's Oregon wedding at the Jardin del Sol is an example of that. For one thing, brides there are rebellious enough to do their own makeup if they know how to. And brides like Holly are not uptight when it comes to their styling--they don't mind pairing their gowns with turquoise-colored necklace/bibs and they allow their bridesmaids and other members of their entourage to wear comfortable outfits that they want to. But most of all, to them, wedding ceremonies are ALWAYS important regardless of where it's done and who officiates it. I love weddings like this because it's just naturally rebellious. Simplicity and uncomplicated--that's the REAL essence of being rebellious because in truth, these are the hardest things to do.  

Congratulations to the wonderful couple. May your marriage be as charming and fun as your wedding. 

Photography by Urban Bay 

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