Rebellious Bridal Style: OLIVIA

Occasionally, we blog on simply a bride's style. Zeroing in on how a bride can rebelliously think of a cohesive style that is of course non-traditional, or a bride that chooses color palettes that are refreshing to see, or a bride that is rebellious enough to make her entourage look just as stunning as she is. Lately, I'm feeling like we need to do this more often so that we can inspire more brides to rebel against the usual looks/fashion. And speaking of rebel looks, here's one from a random photo shoot that Quirky Creatives made for Raf & Olivia--this is NOT a wedding nor a prenup photo okay? It was a random pictorial done during a fashion event. But I wanted to feature this because we love NONE-bridal pegs remember? ;)

I love Oliva's Ryan Madamba gown, don't you? I think it makes for an awesome anti-white bridal gown idea! The structure of the dress is so flattering, and the way Olivia looks just completes the look so well.

I understand why a bride will go for a traditional, templated bridal look. But I would also like to urge you to think beyond what's already been done. Do you really want to look like every other bride, just because you want a look that is "timeless?"

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Photography by Quirky Creatives

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