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I've just realized that I haven't actually written a blog tribute to one of my most favorite international designers, Tadashi Shoji. I love him because he makes curvy women like me feel beautiful. I have two of his gowns and both make me feel like Juliet Capulet. I also love him because his creations are quite unique, and always with a hint of twist on classic styles. And most of all? His creations are soooooooo unbelievably and thoughtfully affordable (check out my pricing guide for bridal gowns below).

Here are some of my favorites from his Spring 2015 collection:

Here are just some of the incredible Tadashi Shoji bridal gowns that are so generously priced:

Source: http://www.tadashishoji.com/shop/wedding/bride

So how can you actually purchase a bridal Tadashi Shoji gown if you're living in the Philippines? Tadashi is available in Rustan's. But the styles are unfortunately limited. My suggestion is, visit a Rustan's store (preferably in Glorietta), and familiarize yourselves with your Tadashi size--you'll absolutely love the fit especially if you are curvy! Once you know your Tadashi size, order from www.tadashishoji.com or at Nordstroms. If you are the type who gets scared from buying clothes online, get one size higher just for safety, then have it altered to your true fit once it gets here in Manila. All that trouble I assure you, will still cost lower than getting an uber expensive designer gown locally. And besides, Tadashi is also a designer brand and it's wonderful!

Here are my own Tadashi Shoji gowns. Tadashi is the only designer that's made me comfortable to wear white! I love my gowns but I was honestly limited to what was available in Rustan's. Next time, I'd rather buy in the US.

White Gown, Photos by One Happy Story
Pink Gown, Photos by J Lucas Reyes

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  1. Hi Kai! Your dresses are lovely!

    I've been shopping around for non-floofy wedding dresses that won't make me look--as my sister puts it-- like a cake. And I think this is the first time I felt like I turned into an emoji with hearts for eyes. Thanks for the tip! :)


    P.S. I also super love your website cos it makes me feel normal to have "weird", non-traditional ideas for my wedding.