Grace & Mark in Black & White

RB Mica and I have a pet peeve. Our pet peeve is when we see a rebellious prenup photo set that celebrates the rebelliousness of a couple--but then their wedding is as serious as it can get. We feel sad because to us, it means that the couple felt like they could only play and have fun during their engagement but come wedding day, they'd have to succumb to being traditional. That's why we love seeing couples who are brave enough to follow through with their rebellious streak, all the way to the wedding.

<Photography by Jason Angcao> 

Grace & Mark's Engagement Session/Save-the-Date

One of the most jaw-dropping Prenup/Save-the-Date features that we've ever done in the blog was Grace & Mark's Tonight Tonight Feature 

Imagine our surprise when their photographer Jason Angcao shared with us their equally mind blowing wedding!

Jason shares that it was the groom who was deep into the Black & White wedding concept. Being in a band and being a photography enthusiast, Mark had a very particular vision and taste that he wanted to actualize on this special day with Grace. And what can we say? There have been a few Black & White weddings featured here in the blog but we applaud how the couple really made it their own. The wedding looks phenomenal!

Congratulations Grace & Mark! May your marriage be as magical and creative as your wedding.

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