Jaycee & RJ's Love Story AVP

There are a lot of ways to share with your guests a little bit about you as a couple. Some make a collage of their throwback-worthy photos, some have couple trivia games, and of course there's the tried-and-tested AVP. But with so many talented wedding artists in our own neck of the woods, the AVP has evolved in so many creative ways.

<Videography by Cinemarworks> 

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Sierra Madre Resorts, Cinemworks captured the love story of Jaycee & RJ --romanticized in a series of beautiful shots twisted with a lot candidness in between. 

Jaycee shares:

"We wanted our wedding reception to be very light and casual--a venue where we can share with everyone our love story and who we are that's why if you noticed, our interview was like us talking to our kabarkada asking about us and our relationship. We also did not know what each one answered to the question to give it that "surprise" element."

You really know when a wedding film is in a different level by the way you catch yourself laughing or being moved by the storytelling even if you don't know the couples personally. And Cinemaworks did just that. 

Photography by Jamie Espadilla 
But in our case though, we know the couple from our Thanksgiving Backyard Editorial Shoot (BACK TRACK HERE). And we can't help but cheer for these two lovely people. Congratulations Jaycee & RJ! Can't wait to see the wedding!

Videography: Cinemaworks
Styling: Miss Kayce Team / KC Leyco
Flowers: Jacqs Florals / Jacq Wong

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