Kim & Bry - A Rage of Vogue

Rebel Bride Kim made such an articulate piece about their prenup concept. So there's nothing left do here but to get lost in their world, be engulfed by her words, and revel at their rebelry.

<Photography by Benjie Tiongco>

"Disheveled, raw, textured, experimental. Daphne Guiness and her closet. Industrial couture. An interesting derelict location was chosen to contrast the lush details to portray real Vogue. High octane glamor, reckless abandon and avant garde predilections. We stirred those emotions and composed something new. Heavily potent from aesthetic elements is one aspect as well, one look and the emotion is so full and pure, it does not need any other detail. We did 4 sets - but we opted out to feature only two. First - meditation on roses - red roses on clothes, on the walls, on the ground falling from the walls, and the latter - all Red everything- an environment and second skin of everything red, pulsating and revolting." -- Chiara  

 "Just a few things about us - we're both insane and go-getters, we travel a lot - we love to get lost during our whereabouts, we both like RNB music, we looooove medieval movies, we like to sing together, we dance if we have the chance, my hubby's a hardcore online gamer and I am crazy about photography.... 

We came up with this Vogue idea because I am simply just born a rebel. We wanted to show to the world that prenups don't need to be cheesy--it could also be hilariously fancy." -- Kim


 Photo: Benjie Tiongco
HMUA: Mariah Santos
Stylist: Rabbithole Creatives

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