Maleficent Mayhem

The past two weeks has been unreal for me and RB Mica. The Maleficent Shoot's gone viral all over the web from Huffington Post, to Yahoo! Japan, to MTV Greece, to Cosmo UK, to even LA's #1 radio station KIIS FM, it's been incredibly wonderful. Every day we would learn of a new feature--and as of this writing we are already at around 40 features across the globe and if I estimate that at a very conservative level, it's safe to say that we've probably generated AT LEAST 2 Million exposures for the shoot including the views, impressions, likes, shares, and the comments. And that's estimating it very lightly.

Maleficent Mayhem All Over The World--from Yahoo! Japan, to MTV Greece!

And when we reached "Huffington Level", we thought that there's nothing that could possibly top that at all--but boy were we wrong. No less than Disney's official blog contacted us for a feature (but we decided not to pursue it for our own personal reasons), and we also got contacted for something far greater than any kind of feature which we can't really share at this point in time.

Of course, with "fame" *EHEM* hahaha, comes the negative comments/opinions as well--which to be quite honest was kind of annoying because they were ignorant comments that were very hateful. We don't mind negative comments if they were intelligent--alas, they were not. But then again, that's not something we can avoid, and that's okay. We live in a world where traditional weddings have long been the culture so Rebellious Brides will always have to toughen up and stick together. 

But the fact of the matter is, this was a "big win" for us. If this were a real rebellion, we have infiltrated mainstream media and we've been able to show the world our propaganda. Sounds dorky but it's like The Hunger Games/Mockingjay District 13 rebel team making propos, out on a mission! Haha.

Despite the bashers, there are far more people who loved the shoot, and it wouldn't have been featured if it wasn't good at all--and that's why we don't just feel proud for the blog but we are ecstatic for the Filipino wedding talents that got recognized because of these features--ProudRad, KC Leyco, The Makeup of Mica, The Makeup Studio by Madge Lejano, We Are Seekers, Jacq Wong, Ink Scribbler, La Portoflora, Ms. Regine Tolentino's Boutique, and Christine Lam--these are all amazing talents and now they have the kind of exposure that can strengthen their portfolios for the global arena.

So WE THANK YOU, WORLD. You guys are amazing. Welcome to Rebellious Brides---please stay. You'll soon find out that we have more wicked stuff here in the blog that you can discover.

Here are my personal top 3 favorite features on the basis that these 3 features really gave our shoot and our blog justice.

BoredPanda & Huffington Post Features:

BoredPanda was the first to feature Maleficent and the fire caught on from then on. I love how they actually included us in the headline--probably the only feature that ever did so. 

Huffington is another favorite because they took the time to research even our Twitter feeds--they even reached out to ProudRad for an interview! 

Read the Features Here:

Movie Pilot Feature:

I love this feature because the writer, Sarah took the time to connect our Maleficent Shoot with the other Disney-themed wedding shoots from around the web--from the Little Mermaid to UP! and they got their readers to comment on what sort of Disney themes they would want to have. 

Read the Feature Here:

Our loyal readers know that we do these crazy shoots every year. And we are in fact already prepping for our 2015 shoot collaborations.
Any suggestions? Any requests? 

Rebellious Brides is getting bigger and stronger every year.
And the best is yet to come.
Thank you guys for always being there for us! We love you all!

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  1. Congrats RBS. You girls are da best! Ginagaya na nga kayo ng iba jan e! We will always be here for you & proud to be one of your readers since from the beginning!

  2. Rebels you dolls are amazing!!!