Dingdong & Marian's "Station ID" Prenup Video

One of the things that people say about Dingdong and Marian's home network is that they are the only big stars there. Of course, I don't agree with this. GMA has a whole slew of great stars both fresh and seniors alike. But I do agree that they really are the King & Queen of the Kapuso Network. That's why when I saw their prenup video, my instant thought balloon was..."Station ID ba ito?" (Is this a Station ID). It really sure feels like one--and it's purely awesome.

Now according to the credits, the video was the 'Rebellious' Groom's idea--and I don't know if Dingdong had a Station ID peg in mind, but with both of them pretty much growing up on the TV screens, it wouldn't come as a shock that he would have the eye for this sort of thing even if it wasn't his intention it's already in their DNA. 

And that's why instead of calling it just a prenup video, here in the blog we'd like to fondly call their video their own Station ID. And just like a Station ID for a network, wherein the current ID shows us what the network stands for, this video shows us a glimpse of how Marian and Dindong celebrate each other's individuality, how they are like as a couple, and their vision to help others. 

The first scenario was a tribute to Dingdong of course--his daredevil side and his love for racing. The second scenario was a tribute to Marian (and probably their first proposal in Macau)--her love for cartoons and butterflies (subtle hints but hardcore fans will know for sure). Then you have the complete change in the scene where they go out to eat street food and reach out to the Filipino people. This video is not just a prenup video. It shows us that this two are a force to reckon with, that we can expect great things from them...and just like their home network, they are true blue "Kapuso" ng bawat Pilipino (One at Heart with every Filipino)--and you can't deny that even if you are anti-GMA.

I can't wait for this two to get married. They are soooooo rebellious! And if you haven't watched this video by now, watch the link below from Nice Print. And for better viewing, do click on the HD version!

Shot & Edited by: Nice PRINT PHOTOGRAPHY 
Concept by: Dingdong Dantes 
Direction by: Ian Galsim 
Production Design by: Teamba Designs 
Shot on Location in: Porac Pampanga 
 Special thanks to: 
Juan Sarte 
Wei Cars for the Hummer 
Howard's Catering 
Ducati Philippines 
Access Plus

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