Baby, It's Cold Outside

Hi Rebels! I can't wait to share with you the second instalment of our Portland/Oregon editorial shoot!!!!!!!! Woohoo!

<Photography by Cy & Kai, yes me and my hubb! Raw, unedited, no filters!>

Not a lot of people know how beautiful Oregon, USA is. The first editorial shoot took you to Portland but this one will take you to the other parts of the Pacific Northwest. The movie Twilight was shot in Oregon, and you'll see and feel the same vibe in the majestic cabin/woods where we had our shoot. There's also a layout here that took us to one of Oregon's Seven Wonders, The Oregon Coast via The Battle Rock Beach--a frighteningly powerful but beautiful beach that's just unbelievably picturesque. 

Today is officially the start of winter and I'd like to point out how perfectly apt Clayton's gown is for this season. I fondly call my gown "the sweater gown."  It's actually a fabulous serpentine gown that feels as comfortable as a sweater adorned with pearls which finishes off with a dramatic see-through bottom. This gown is so rebellious, innovative, and mind-blowing!  You wouldn't believe how incredibly creative this gown is! 


Just like our first editorial shoot where there was a twist at the very end, this one has a surprise ending as well. For a second you'll think this set is a dramatic, serious shoot...but wait 'till you see what we did afterwards!


For the avid readers of the blog who know that I've already had 3 weddings with my husband, yes folks, what you see here is Round 4 hahahahaha. It's my birthday today and this is my husband's gift--to indulge me with this silly "Voodoo Doughnuts" renewal ceremony. For $35.00 Voodoo did a renewal for us, right in front of their customers. It was sooooo much fun! It took about 3 minutes tops. Then, for an additional $30 they made a giant Voodoo doughnut version of me and Cy just for kicks. There were a lot of people and they were cheering us on. 

So that's it for our Portland/Oregon editorial shoots guys. We hope you enjoyed our ideas and I promise to be more diligent with updating the blog once I'm done with my trip. For the meantime, Happy Christmas and Hello 2015! 

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