Aiza & Liza -- "We Choose Love"

"A lot has been said (and STILL being said) about the kind of life we choose to live. Yes,we are OUT and PROUD. We are not standing up for anything, we are just exercising our right to be treated equally. If you're not used to it, then DEAL with it. If you can't stand it, then by all means, PLEASE leave us alone. Our silence doesn't mean that we accept your prejudiced opinions, it's just that your ignorance has rendered us beyond words it's almost funny. LOVE---the beauty of it, the joy of finding it, even the PAIN that comes with it should be experienced and celebrated. We choose to be REAL. We choose to be HAPPY. We choose to be FREE. We choose LOVE." 
-- Rebellious Bride Liza as written in her Instagram post
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<Photography by ProudRad>

"Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge" -- Lucy (The Movie) -- I was reminded of this quote when I read some of the comments from those annoying know-it-all, do-gooders in their high horses who thought they had the right to say their 2 cents on Aiza and Liza's wedding.  And we don't even want to weigh-in on this anymore. The fact that we choose to feature  it here in Rebellious Brides, speaks for itself already. So let's just move on to the happy vibes, shall we?

I can still remember watching Aiza on Little Miss, Philippines. She's my contemporary and I respect all of her decisions in life. I've always seen her as a very creative person in whatever she does.  And because she's such a wonderful free spirit, it was exciting too see how this would translate to their big day.  I love their wedding in so many levels. From the engagement photos that capture their little family to that mesmerizing bluer than blue engagement ring, the legal ceremony in California was so beautiful with the woods, the cabin, and the backyard feel. The white lily chairs, the witty chalkboard doodles, and the meaningful signages and the styling were all so perfect. The Philippine wedding on the other hand had a whimsical touch that felt like a dream sequence. Oh everything was one fluid beautiful love story that's just definitely worth celebrating. 

Congratulations Aiza and Liza! Keep your heads up and your hearts strong, You guys are amazingly rebellious!

Photography: ProudRad
Videography: Jason Magbanua
Beach Styling: Blue Barn

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  1. Congratulations to Aiza and Liza!! We're about the same age and I remember watching on TV and I'm so glad that she's doing well as an adult. You can tell from the photos that they truly love and are happy with each other, and I wish them nothing but the best :)