Paper Love

My jaw dropped when I saw my cousin's first anniversary gift to his wife in Facebook. It was a work of art! Well, and a lot of engineering and paper folding. But man, this is awesome! And I just had to post it to inspire the grooms out there to be as rebellious as Gino when it comes to gift-giving. He also did a photo wall of their wedding pictures and the frames were all arranged in perfection so much so that the obsessive compulsive persona in you wants to cry with sheer joy. It doesn't always have to be flowers and chocolates, boys. Be creative! Go with something that will make feel extra special and that will be reflective of your love.

Also, this paper book would make for a great Save-the-Date idea. If you can hack it. Or maybe you can hire someone to do it. This would also make for a great wedding decor. Let this be a challenge to all you crafty DIYers and to all of the event stylists who are in love with paper. Beat. This.

And to make us more insecure about our paper crafting skills, here's the bouquet that my cousin Gino made for his then bride Carol. A groom who can make paper flowers this nice??? What a lucky girl! Check our feature from last year about these love birds here:

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