Oh Valentino, Let Me Count The Ways...

I long for the day when brides didn't have to be boxed into thinking that a bridal gown just has to be white, or that it can only be beaded in swarovski cyrstals for it to be "bridal", or that it generally has look a certain way. After all, there are all kinds of personalities and there are all kinds of love that can be interpreted endlessly. The Valentino Spring 2015 Haute Couture presentation is a testimony to that. Inspired by quotes from Shakespeare, Inferno, and the artist March Chagall, Valentino spoke of love that made you feel like you were fluttering on a cloud, a love that made you want to go through hell and back again, a love that made you wish on rainbows, a love that had a story that can be uniquely your own. If I could get married again, and if money was not an issue I would rather go for a gown like this---a gown that had so much more to express other than it coming from a famous label.

Bridal looks can go beyond just the superficial fashion, and we hope this inspires you to express yourself in truthful, colorful ways devoid of what others may say against you.

Photo Credits: Valentino.Com

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  1. Anything associated with Dante's Inferno is a win for me :D Love the black velvet and the blue/gold glitter gowns.
    The gowns with writing on them kind of remind me of Angelina Jolie's wedding dress with her children's drawings on it :D