Cuba in Manila

Metrophoto has changed the game for engagement photos. Not just in Manila but even for the rest of the world. I mean who freakin' hires on-cam talents just to stage a story? Who does that?!? Oly will do everything he can to evolve the craft--to remold wedding photography in a way that moves his couples to do crazy things--rebellious things, if you think about it. To be completely honest my husband and I never had a prenup during our time--because we thought it was soooo cheesy and we didn't think it was necessary. Now if these crazy ideas of Oly were already available 5 years ago, maybe we would have considered--especially my husband. Because apart from Metrophoto's badass prenup "evolution" what makes it even more unique is the fact that it makes the grooms cool and manly. And that's something that always seems so awkward with some of the usual prenup shoots--it makes the guys feel silly and it makes them feel secondary. Oly never does that. He meticulously and thoughtfully celebrates both the bride AND the groom. 

Metrophoto was able to magnify Jazz and Archie's love with so much color, passion, and life. The result is a story of a couple, as vibrant as a mash-up of Cuba and Manila. 

Oly shares:

It took a long while before Jazz could commit to book us for her wedding. She had seen the photos, she had met us, but she tried to fight it for months on. Personally I knew she was one, also extremely pretty and super sweet and I wanted them to book me but it wasn’t up to me. Until one day I get this text message from her “Hi Oly, I called your secretary this morning and booked our wedding and prenup with you. It’s you! It’s always been you!” Imagine a scene from a movie – it felt somehow like that to me. haha. You see, there is no use resisting who you really are, you just have to let go. 

And let go was what Jazz and Archie did. They let us suggest a few of our ideas for their pre-wedding shoot and we let them choose which one they liked the most. They said they wanted the most complicated concept and we all jumped in and took the challenge. This was no easy shoot to do, we didn’t want to deal with the usual locations, we didn’t want to see overused props, but we also didn’t want to overdo it. We were bringing Cuba to Manila. I must say that Jazz and Archie was the perfect couple to execute this kind of shoot, they embraced the entire concept, did whatever it took, and they looked absolutely beautiful.

Photography, Concept & Props by Metrophoto
Styling by Jeff Galang
Makeup by Gery Penaso
Fabulous Hot Pink Gown by Marjorie Gumabay *swoon*

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