Jia's Bridal Style - Rockstud Chic

We love Jia's bridal style--she's classy and sophisticated yet with an obvious hint of a rebel spirit. Her pearl-colored romantic gown, her hair down in a side swept style, her statement earrings, embellished bouquet, and Valentino Rockstud pumps are all so dreamy!  A couple of months ago, we were wondering why we haven't seen any brides wearing rebellious fabulous shoes like the Valentino Rockstud or the YSL Tribute (CLICK HERE FOR RELATED ARTICLE) and finally, we have a Rockstud Bride today! Woopee!

<Photography by ProudRad>

And we love Jia and Dan's free-spirited wedding celebration -- it felt like a day that would just knock you off of your feet with love all around. What a fun, fun, FUN wedding! And guess what--it's another Proud Rad couple right here. You guys are on a roll!


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