Bike About Town

There was something about Jessica and Darrel's prenup that reminded me so much of Portlandia--they literally look like they would fit right into the show. 
<Photography by Rockin' Photographers>

Rebellious Bride Jessica shares:

Darrel and I are total opposites, he is pretty much inclined in the arts being an interior designer and in music as a musician while I am a bookworm and a former debate team captain who is not that interested in arts and in music. 

Even though we came from totally different backgrounds, we share the same passion for bikes. That's why having bikes in our prenup shoot was a must for us since it played a vital role in our 6 year old relationship. 

On the day of the shoot, Darrel and I decided to call that day our "FAVORITES DAY"--bringing all our favorite things that we wanted to use in the photo shoot. We brought along our favorite clothes, shoes, of course our favorite bikes, Darrel's favorite musical instruments, my ukulele and my favorite camera. That day, we just had a lot of fun biking while our photographers captured our typical Sunday chill-out afternoon bike ride.

Photos by: Rockin' Photographers
HMUA: Diane Coles-Cupon
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