Rebelry at Thirty

Rebellious Makeup Artist Toni Rodriguez shares her own wedding/bridal vision through her fabulous 30th birthday photo sesh. 
<Photography by Raphael Yu>

Every year, Toni has a portrait session done for her birthday (what a great idea!). For her big 3-0, she wanted it to be extra special and thought of bringing her own wedding ideas to life. Toni shares that makeup artists usually just follow the vision of the bride and the wedding photographer so this time around she wanted to be able to show to everyone her own ideas outside of makeup artistry.

Rebel wedding artist Toni shares:

I usually ask my good friend/photographer Rap Yu  to immortalize me through photos each year during my birthday. For my 30th, I wanted a shoot that reflects how I feel and where I am at thirty . 

I've been in the wedding industry for quite some time now and had painted countless faces of brides. I've seen so many bridal shots and I've always wanted to try something else for them but really couldn't do it since wedding photographers always have the call and not the makeup artist. So this time, I wanted to execute my bridal look that I always wanted to try for my clients but never really had a chance since we usually have the "typical" bridal look or poses that we mostly see during their big day. 

The gowns that Von Lazaro made for me perfectly fit like a glove, choosing each and everything that I wore is his gift for me during this shoot. A woman’s figure is sacred to Von for he knows how to accentuate and respect each nook and cranny of the body. My favorite gown amongst the 3 is actually the one with the peplum skirt. It's probably something I would wear on my wedding someday - not the expected bridal gown we usually see. 

For my look I basically wanted the not-so-bridal updo or the one side, half pony hair down so I asked James Nualla to give me a messy "big hair, don't care" 'do. For the set design, throwing fur on the floor and murdering the flower garden were his vision to achieve "simplicity is beauty". 

There was no better choice for my photographer other than the young and talented Raphael Yu since he is a fashion photographer and haven't been exposed to wedding shoots yet, so I knew he wouldn't make me do the "typical" bridal poses. 

 I hope to inspire some brides to be more adventurous and more open with new ideas with this birthday shoot we did. :)  

Happy birthday Toni! We loved what you did for your birthday shoot and it is indeed a refreshing idea to see the vision of other wedding artists for a change!

Make Up/Modeling by Toni Rodriguez
Gowns by Von Lazaro
Hair & Production Design by James Nualla
Photography by Raphael Yu

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  1. The gown with the peplum skirt is my favourite as well. And yay for photographers not relying on the typical bridal poses :D