'Till We're Seventy

When your much-awaited "best wedding ever" has been done, when you stow away your wedding gown, never to be worn again (sometimes not just because there's no other event to use it but also because you can't fit in it anymore), and your babies become the center of your universe, a couple can only hope and pray that yes, indeed they will be together 'till they are old and wrinkly. I absolutely love and connect with this video on so many levels. It reminds me so much of how my husband and I watch and re-watch our wedding video during our anniversaries where Jason was kind enough to leave a clip of our vows as part of our DVD features. It reminds me of my own parents who get high from using their senior citizen cards during our Sunday lunches and how they go on movie dates every week. It reminds me of my peg: the old couple from the Titanic movie--of growing old and leaving the world together with the one you love. 

Watch Jayne and Jami's beautiful and inspiring wedding film by Jason Magbanua below and tell us if you feel the same way too!

Jayne and Jami: Same Day Edit from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

It's been seven years since I started watching Jason's wedding films in-between office breaks (and then making my teammates watch it after). Seven years of having butterflies in my stomach, feeling emotional watching complete strangers' weddings as if I'm a guest, and now he's celebrating 15 years in the business...still making love stories that just connects with everybody's hearts and guts. 

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