Joyful, Joyful

"Love knows no religion, knows no distance" --excerpt from the groom's vows

Rebellious Bride Charmaine Shares:

Raygan and I have overcome a lot of challenges in our relationship. Coming from different religions, long distance relationship for a year, and disapproval of some people of our relationship. We have surpassed them all. We wanted our wedding to be a celebration of love, happiness, respect and surrounded by people who love us. In the end, my husband and I enjoyed our day. It was very special and became a memorial not only for us but for our guests as well. 

Sometimes a wedding doesn't need to have a theme based on design elements. Sometimes, a theme can be a simple goal to make sure that the wedding day is filled with happiness, positivity, and joy. Raygan and Charmiane had a tough road--so their dream wedding was to make it as light as possible. And they did just that. To add the final touches of their happy theme, RB Charmiane wore a non-white wedding gown and asked the guests to wear white instead. All in all she said that she didn't allow anybody to dictate or tell her what she should and should not do on their big day. Very apt, considering that their relationship was also about fighting for love, don't you think? Truly, this wedding is a source of so much inspiration not just in terms of wedding ideas but also in terms of relationships and empowerment. 

Congratulations Raygyan and Charmaine! May your marriage be as joyful as your wedding!

Photography by CamZar Photography
Gown by Zandra Lim
Catering & Styling by K by Cunanan
Entourage Gowns by Erika Rodas / Eri R. O. 
HMUA: Val Villarin
Coordinator: Kiss The Girl 

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