Gown Projection Anyone?

A few days ago, there was a lot of buzz that revolved around J. Lo's performance of her new song "Feel the Light" on American Idol. J. Lo dubbed it as her ultimate princess moment as she wore an off-shoulder white gown by Mariel Haenn which almost covered the entire stage. What soon followed after we see her in her enormous white gown is a video projection spectacle that transformed her gown into a light show all on its own, subtlety marketing the new animated movie "Home" where the song is part of. 

Watch the video here:

Now my burning question is, would you dare have a gown projection in your wedding? After all, DongYan already  had a cake projection, and as early as 2012 we already proposed a video mapping projection Couple's Entrance to our Wedding Agency Couple Kathleen & Dingdong for their fairytale Boracay wedding. 

And the idea of gown projection has been around since 2012/2013 as evidenced by the fashion show of designer Frank Sorbier.

It is definitely a groovy idea but not for the faint of heart considering the possible time, effort, and costs it will take. A typical projection mapping project can cost anywhere from P500,000-P1M depending on the complexity of mapping and can take up to 6 months to develop! But hey, if you have the money for it, and if it fits your techie personality, why not!

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