Postcards from Portland/Oregon

We've always encouraged you guys to get your wedding inspirations from non-wedding related ideas and if you're a regular RB reader, you would be familiar with our posts that abruptly stop wedding features altogether to make room for features that go into travel, fashion, style, photography, and whatnot. That's why I thought of sharing with everybody my own photos from my travels in Portland, Oregon. My husband and I go to Portland every year (my hubb grew up there). And I love this city so much with a fierceness that borders on desperate hehe. Every corner in Portland/Oregon is like a Pinterest-perfect moment. That's how awesome this place is...literally everything about it makes for a mood board for an offbeat rebellious wedding. Fun facts: most Etsy DIY crafty products and homemade organic beauty products are from Portland/Oregon, the magazine Kinfolk--which a lot of wedding suppliers love is actually from Portland,  the most beloved sports brand Nike is from Portland, and the city's slogan is "Keep Portland Weird" --how can you not adore a city like that?!?

But not a lot of people know about Portland. As you are reading this, you are also most likely one of those people as well. But the thing is, one of the reasons that Portland never went mainstream like Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco is because the people from Portland are anti-mainstream and non-conformists. However, a city this good will never really remain a secret at some point. That's why in 2014, Portland became the #1 state in the USA where people are moving to live. Portland is in the brink of going HUGE worldwide (it already has a cult following in Japan and in Paris)--I can already smell the Portland world invasion a mile away.
So if you are a world traveler who's crossed out the usual travel destinations already like Paris, London, HK, Singapore, Manila, New York, etc. etc., then I urge you to try Portland this time around.  Oh and please be a doll and add my Instagram account as well: @eatwedtravelpdx ;)

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