Mardi Gras Boudoir

Photographer Jessica Villegas Shares:

"Ana’s theme for her bridal boudoir session is the perfect choice. Her husband lives in near New Orleans where the famous Mardi Gras season happens. In fact the Mardi Gras beads we used in the shoot were given by her husband-to-be. Ana is such a beautiful bride to shoot. Sexy, sensual and all that jazz…. "

There's nothing more impressive than boudoir photo shoots that look very tasteful. Sometimes, boudoir photos look so excruciatingly sleazy that being rebellious is when you can pull it off in a classy way. Kudos to the team behind Rebellious Bride Ana's boudoir who, not only made such a remarkable job making Ana look so gorgeous, but also having been able to create a concept that had more meaning to it.

HMUA by Regine Nailga
 Styling by Kevin Abdala Style and Creative
 Photography by Jessica Villegas

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