A Mockingjay Editorial Wedding

In just six more months, the Hunger Games movie series closes to an end with Mockingjay Part 2.
And we reckon that a proper tribute of the rebel kind is in order.

 If you have read the Mockingjay, you would know that the story of Katniss and Peeta sort of jumps into a Prologue that just kind of assumes that they got married and have a family of their own. This is our own attempt at filling-in the gap and giving our favorite tributes from District 12 a proper wedding.

 In this faux wedding, we thought it would be fitting of Katniss’ personality to keep it intimate—an elopement if you will. However, Katniss would have admitted to herself that she would need to enlist the help of Effie to plan and style the wedding. Only Effie would have been invited in the wedding which she would also gladly volunteer to officiate herself.

Watch the first of two wedding videos that we made. For better viewing, choose HD settings.

<Photography & Videography by Colors & Co.>

 Our concept wedding stems from the assumption that Katniss, Peeta, and Effie would have collaborated in creating the wedding details together:

 Effie would have added the fashionable flair into the wedding (knowing all too well that a bride of Katniss' stature would need multiple looks!). She would have also added some subtle Capitol details including a pig reference from the first book and her favorite line “May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor” thrown in somewhere there.

 Peeta on the other hand would have added his own watercolor painted calligraphy artworks, a wedding cake that he would have personally baked and made as a tribute to his bride, and some cupcakes with berries as a reminder of what started their rebellion together.

Finally, the wedding would have had Katniss’ own contributions as well. She would have prepared a hearty meal including game that she would have hunted by herself. And as sentimental as she is about District 12, she would have insisted on doing the district’s simple wedding tradition called “The Toasting”--a ceremony when couples share their first bread together.

 All of these things we assumed that they would have thought of…then we brought it to life in this breathtaking setting that presumably takes place in various places in District 12 like Peeta's would-be bakery, the Victor's Village, in abandoned ancient structures, and even in places that might still have rubble from the war.

 But we didn't stop there. We further evolved this concept shoot with details that not just paid homage to the book and movie but then we eventually created new ideas in the process as well.

 Katniss and Peeta are symbols of a rebellion fighting for love that is just all too familiar with this generation. And for those reasons, we decided to draw inspiration from them in this one-of-a-kind editorial. Witness this long overdue union of Katniss and Peeta and enjoy the wedding fantasy that goes beyond just the usual bow and arrow elements. 


 With this shoot, we hope to inspire and show you that themed weddings can be very special, that you can still infuse your own personalities into it even if you are drawing inspiration from a reference point, and that it can look quite tasteful in a crazy way.

We are so happy and proud of this shoot's outcome--- it is by far the most comprehensive and most detailed Hunger Games themed wedding editorial shoot that you will see on the web filled with so much symbolical details that a fan of the series will sure to appreciate. We hope you enjoyed reading and seeing this editorial shoot as much as we had fun doing it.

Almost all of the other wedding blogs and magazines across the globe are already doing editorial shoots geared towards the "swoon-worthy" pretty things. While there's nothing wrong with that, we will probably never go that route. We'd rather have fun, take some risks, not take things too seriously,  get lost in our own fantasies, but still give you ideas that you can do for your big rebel day. This is our second editorial collaboration shoot for 2015. And there's sooooo much more to come! Exciting times ahead :)

Here's the alternate second version of our wedding video. Which one do you like better?


"A Mockingjay Wedding"
Conceptualized & Headed by The Wedding Agency/Rebellious Brides

Featuring real-life engaged couple, Michelle & Marvin as Katniss & Peeta
with Rebellious Bride Mica in a cameo role as Effie Trinket

Photography & Videography by Colors & Co.

Makeup for Michelle & Marvin by Ana Isip
Makeup for RB Mica by The Makeup of Mica
Hair Styling by Missy Rivera of Beauty and Braids

Event Styling by A Dash of Jamie
Catering by Q Provisions
Florals by Chuqui Estrella of La PortoFlora
Weddings & Flowers Invitation Suite by Jemimah Dumawal
Calligraphed Posters by Ayu Alano
Hand Crafted Wire Art by Hannah Abalayan of Signetura
Berry Cake & Cupcakes by Tonette Rosal of Sophie's Mom
Themed Cake by Trina Nguyen of Manila Cakes & Cupcakes

Fashion Styling by Miss Kayce
Fashion Associate - Kring Leyco

Katniss' Looks:
Preps Gown #1 - Fuchsia halter gown by Maps Pangan (http://mapspangan.portfoliobox.me)
Preps Gown #2 - Black ruffled dress with red and black feather shoulder pads from Regine's Boutique
Ceremony Gown - Black mesh cape and black bustier by Patrick Lazol (instagram patricklazol) | Black sequinned skirt from Regine's Boutique
After-Ceremony Gowns - Metallic one shoulder gown | cropped bustier and tulle ball skirt from Regine's Boutique
Reception gown - Red tube gown with thigh high slit from Regine's Boutique/

Peeta's  Looks:
Brown suit and two toned dress shirt by MLCK (instagram: mlckph)

Other Looks:
Shoes from Sala Chaussures (instagram: salachaussures)
"Effie" gowns by Ryan Madamba

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