Happy Orange Anniversary!

"Orange is the color of autumn, spice, form and design. In bright tones, orange is jovial, cheerful, and playful. Deepened, it becomes exotic and exciting."

We'd like to think that wedding trends are not defined by the superficial popularity of what is "in" in terms color, fashion, and style dictated by celebrities, magazines, or the industry in general. We'd like to think that wedding trends are defined by a generation's personality and characteristics.

Take for example the trend of doing the renewal of vows. It used to be that renewal of vows were done during the 25th and 50th anniversaries, signifying a milestone so huge that it definitely needed to be celebrated. If you noticed, this trend is more popular among the Baby Boomers. A traditional and classic celebration, with a "rule" that it had to be in silver or gold and renewed by the Catholic Church.

But the concept of renewing the vows these days are being changed by the Generations X and Y. This is a generation that believes that their first wedding is what their parents wanted, so the renewal will be about what WE want. A generation that is more eager to renew the vows for every little milestone and not just for the big 2-5 and 5-0. A generation that is driven to renew vows not just to celebrate love more frequently but also to celebrate personalized ideas--something that they couldn't do during their first traditional Catholic wedding riddled with rules and inputs by their Baby Boomer parents.

And so here we are today. Celebrating the 10th anniversary/renewal of Ronald and Malou (but now they are already married for 15 years, the feature is about 5 years old haha). The most sensational of which is Rebellious Bride Malou's orange embroidered gown, so happy and bright it blinds us with happiness. Everything about this renewal wreaks of quirky rebelliousness. And we love the styling of the wedding itself--the contrast of having an orange gown set against a more muted, grey color palette is pure genius. It's like Rebellious Bride Malou claimed for the 10th year anniversary to be the year of Orange. And so Orange it must be. They created their own rules and the output was pure awesome.

We love the idea of renewals---isn't it obvious? RB Kai had 3 renewals already! And as rebellious as we are, we are here to support you if you want to do renewals of your own. We say GO FOR IT! Love is such an amazing thing to celebrate. And if you need our help in conceptualizing your renewal, just email us and we would be more than happy to create amazing, personalized ideas for you through our Wedding Agency Service!

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Photography by Quirky Creatives
Makeup by  Rae Salazar of REAL Makeup Artistry
Gown by Happy Andrada

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