10 Wedding-Worthy Color Palettes from Pixar Movies

With so many colors and color combinations to choose from, it's a bit weird that most weddings these days get stuck with certain color palettes like mint and coral (how much more mint and coral weddings can we take?). Now don't get us wrong--if those are your favorite colors by all means, go right ahead. But if you are only joining the wedding bandwagon, yikes!

Sometimes wedding "trends" can do that to you---and that's why we always encourage readers NOT to look at what's "in" and instead, create your own ideas. Take for example these color palettes that were recently shared by Disney. Most if not all of these color combos are not your usual wedding motifs. But they work...they actually visually work!

May this inspire you to open your eyes to the other colors of the rainbow.

Wall-E Color Palette:

A Bug's Life Color Palette:

Cars Color Palette:

Finding Nemo Color Palette:
Monsters Inc. Color Palette:
Monsters University Color Palette:

Ratatouille Color Palette:

UP! Color Palette:

Brave Color Palette:

UP! Version 2 Color Palette:
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