Love Wins

"Last June 26th, The US Supreme Court voted in favor of a constitutional guarantee for equal rights of same-sex marriages...That kind of recognition may never see the light of day in our country but the ruling had such a profound impact on me as I realized I was filming a gay wedding that very day I was hearing the news from the US. 

 "Love has won." That was the rally cry from the western hemisphere. And yes, in the end , we are all better people when love wins." 

- Jason Magbanua

The coincidence of Lyn & Lala's wedding falling on the same day that the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages nationwide in the USA was just so uncanny.

On the day of the ruling, social media was flooded with two opposing emotions--one of joy and one of anger. So many heated debates ensued. So many "unfriended" and "unfollowed" virtual actions. Even our own instagram account lost about a thousand friends when we showed our own support of the decision.

But when we watched the wedding video of Lyn & Lala, all the heated arguments faded away. Because when you see Lyn & Lala's loved ones express so much happiness, compassion, and acceptance - and most of them were oldies mind you, you become reminded of what is important.

And that is, the whole world may or may not support you, but it's your loved ones' understanding, kindness, and warmth that will only matter.


Congratulations Lyn & Lala. Your love and how you treasure it, how you fight for it, is just so inspiring.

Wedding Film by Jason Magbanua
Couture by Francis Libiran
HMUA by Madge Lejano
Coordination by Teena Barretto

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  1. Well, if it counts for anything, the RB blog fully has my love for supporting the US Supreme Court's wonderful decision. New Zealand legalized gay marriage awhile back and I was so thrilled when it happened :D Bottom line is LOVE WINS.