Dream Sequence

How does love feel? It feels like a dream. But imagine taking that love to the next level? Imagine what being engaged feels? Some people say it's nerve-wracking. Some people say that the engagement part is stressful because of the wedding planning. But it doesn't have to be. Think of it as a giddy, exciting, and happy time. Enjoy the wedding preps and know that you will probably miss it afterwards. Being in-love and being engaged is like a surreal, dream sequence where you feel like you are in a wonderland -- where roses are floating, cupcakes are upside down, and you feel like flying. And this is exactly how Seth & Diosa's engagement session feels like. So whimsical and dreamy!

Do you guys recognize the location of Seth & Diosa's engagement shoot? Pino Art Museum - which is already a very common shoot location.  And we are in awe of how inspired and creative their prenup concept is considering that it was done at a very popular "gasgas" venue. We particularly love how photographer Jason Angcao was able to create a whole new mood for this shoot - it's as if it's in another realm and we are quite impressed with how he was able to make art out of his couple like they were part of the enchanting charm that is Pinto Art Museum.

This was such a dreamy treat!

Clap clap clap Seth, Diosa, and to their photographer Jason Angcao!

Photography by Jason Angcao
HMUA by Anna Garcia

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