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If you are unfamiliar with this service, here's a re-published feature on the Wedding Agency from

"Going Against the Tide and Conquering the Seas"
by Ricci Parto-Dela Cruz

As you may know, the wedding industry in the Philippines has never been bigger. There are event organisers, photographers, videographers, caterers and venues that strive because of weddings. Despite this, Kai P. Cruz and Mica TuaƱo-Fuentes, setup The Wedding Agency which they described to be “a highly niched wedding service specifically created to develop a couple’s wedding concept from scratch."

Kai said that “there are brides and grooms who are noticing wedding templates and want to change it up a bit so now, ideation is in the mix. Mica and I came from advertising agencies and we were very familiar with that world.” 

 Kai used to be an Innovations Manager in one of the biggest brand communication companies in the world. Mica on the other hand used to be a Senior Copywriter in some of the largest creative agencies in the world. Her award-winning work on Cebu Pacific’s catchy one-liners is legendary and seems to be modelled by others going into sales and promos. 

 Kai and Mica brought the paradigms that permeated in the advertising world to generate a new concept that was never heard of in the Philippine wedding industry—maybe even in the world for that matter.  

Kai and Mica shared with us the creative process in the creation of the wedding themes of couples. 

 They present three concepts to the clients: “the tamed concept, the creative concept and the crazy concept.” Kai explained the similarity of this process with how ad agencies present a few overall ideas to their clients. These are broad-stroke concepts that only reveal themes and intentions. “Once the couple has chosen which concept they want to pursue, we will create a full-blown walkthrough of the wedding. A walkthrough is their very own “Wedding Bible,” which includes all the details of the wedding from the vision, the key elements, the main concept, the prenup, invitations, bridal look, reception program flow, music selection, wedding team (suppliers) selection, budget sheet and timelines.” 

The walkthrough is highly visual, complete with pictures, fonts, image guides, color palettes and floor plans and other elements that concretize the ideas for the couple. All they have to do after they receive the walkthrough is give it to their wedding coordinator for them to implement it.

 Kai further expounded: “Again, it is a highly niched service. While blogs and magazines can help you conceptualize your wedding, keep in mind that these ideas are based on someone else’s wedding and there’s a tendency to hoard ideas. And while friends and relatives can help you develop your wedding as well, hiring someone just gives you a more objective perspective on things and gives you more power to comment and command, devoid of personal feelings. What we are trying to achieve is to create a wedding solely based on you and your groom’s personality. Plus, our intention is to help you streamline your ideas & budget because sometimes you just get bombarded with so much wedding suggestions that you no longer know what to do. If you are familiar with how advertising agencies work, let’s put it this way, the couple would be the client, and we act as the account executive, creative team, media planner and buyer, and even the talent caster. On the other hand, the wedding team (coordinators and suppliers) acts as the production team/talents for the couple’s “campaign”. 

The Rebellious Brides 

 To launch the Wedding Agency, Kai and Mica created a blog called “The Rebellious Brides,” which championed various brides who had non-traditional and creative weddings.

Soon enough, the site started attracting unsolicited entries from other kindred spirits, brides and couples who wanted their own weddings featured on the site. It has become one of the most influential wedding blogs in the country. 

 Today, being a “Rebellious Bride” is a popular term that is used even by suppliers, and suppliers who want to be perceived as fresh, reach out to Kai & Mica for collaborations and features. 

 The Wedding Agency is a great example as to how connecting two different worlds that otherwise don’t make sense (such as wedding and advertising), can unlock new opportunities in an otherwise crowded industry. The Yellow Pages lists over 150 wedding planners in Metro Manila alone. So far, there’s only one The Wedding Agency. 

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