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We have another special editorial shoot to share with you today. The third that we have done from Oregon! But this time around, instead of showcasing gowns and wedding ideas, we wanted to focus on the place itself. 

When you think of a destination engagement shoot or wedding location, it seems like it's always the same countries/cities that keep popping up. Just last Summer our Instagram feed was flooded with countless engagement (and even proposal) photos from Japan--like it is the only country in the world to do this. 

If you were going to spend so much on creating travel plans for your engagement/wedding/and even honeymoon, wouldn't you want to go somewhere that's not as mainstream? Less crowded. More original. Wouldn't you want to go to a place like this?

Destination engagement sessions and weddings are gaining popularity in the past several years or so. The allure of going someplace else can range from the couple simply loving to travel, or providing a new experience for loved ones, incorporating a vacation with the festivities, and for some it's even a way to cut down on the guest list and keep the celebrations intimate. But seriously, there are other beautiful, non-mainstream places on Earth besides Japan, New York, Paris, Vegas, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Singapore, and Hong Kong (just to name a few of the "usual" desired locations). 

Oregon, U.S.A is one such place. Unknown to many (American included, even) is that Oregon is one of the most gorgeous places on the planet with so much backdrops to offer. In the summer, you have lavender fields, the Crater Lake, and the Painted Hills to discover. During springtime Portland becomes oh-so-romantic with cherry blossoms, tulip farms, and of course roses. In the fall you have all hues of oranges and reds all over the place, as well as pumpkin festivals and the wine country to cuddle up. And of course during the winter you have the snow, Mt. Hood, pine trees, and cider to enjoy. The place also has a thriving hipster and foodie culture -- not the trendy kind but the organic kind. It is the kind of place that can truly make your engagement sessions and weddings quite unique. 

And Oregon is just one suggestion. There's so much more out there. Never be afraid to discover other options. You'll be surprised at the fresher, newer, places that you can still tap for your celebrations. 


Photography by Marx Cyrus @marxcyrus (IG)
Skirts by Ryan Madamba
Special thanks to Palgen Travel for arranging our customized Oregon tour. 
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